The Wadi Zelega Camel Race

This is not a race organised or set up for tourists, it’s the real deal! Everyone is welcome, and this is what it is all about…

Firstly, and to many most importantly, you drive deep into the desert across endless amazing landscapes…

on the way to zelegael elweP1050712

In the company of the lovely people of South Sinai…


Then, setting up camp and enjoying being REALLY away from it all…under the stars or lit up by the moon…


Early in the morning, the race starts: 25 km of camels and cars racing for glory. The Muzeina tribe vs the Tarabeen tribe, may the best camel win!




Weather conditions: freezing!

Driving conditions: extreme!

Camping conditions: comfortable, rain proof, freeze proof…if you are going with us…

Would you like to join? Please book by 23h00 on wednesday the 7th at the latest as places are limited.

tel: (002) 0100 528 9582.




It’s Circus time…

circ bonboni logo

Dahab, a small town on the Gulf of Aqaba, a diving heaven, a traveler’s haven, awesome moutains, beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, lovely people and…Circ Bonboni!

What a blessing it is for this town to have such a vibrant, positive and uniting project putting so many smiles on so many faces. So much energy and hard work has been put in over the years and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved, with a very special thank you to Regula (“the incredible”), for what you are doing for Dahab and its community.

So Dahabians, residents and visitors, be sure not to miss the amazing Circ Bonboni’s latest performance: The Golden Puzzle, Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of December in Ibis Styles Hotel. For more info, please click on the logo

circ bonboni logo


Festival location

So far so good, we hope even more of you will come join in some of the activities or just relax around the fire with us. For those who are having trouble finding us, we are 200 metres north of Sheikh Ali Resort on Mashraba road.

festmapWe have many new activities added to the program. So please click on each day on the right taskbar of the website for more info.

Positive Dahab

anja posterIt is soon time get together for this year’s festival. Firstly we must announce that the festival will not be taking place in the usual location by the flood plain. Unfortunately the flood has come late this year (march 9th) and made it either logistically too difficult or costly to set up the festival there. However we are lucky to have an excellent plan B: at the entrance and exit of Mashraba on the road of Sheikh Ali Resort. Our disappointment with having to change location is very slight given that the cause is such a blessing to Sinai and the Bedouin way of life: rain.

We are therefore very happy to be organising some very interesting excursions to see the desert in springtime, Wadi Gnei after the rain and to introduce another theme to the festival: Agro-tourism.

Agro-tourism is going to be promoted during the festival to show another side of Sinai. We will be visiting Habiba organic farm, plantations in Wadi Gheib, eating organic vegetables and chicken…all locally produced…all week! There will also be organic and healthy foods for sale all week at the festival where you will find some products of truly exceptional quality.

For the first time in our festival: Diving with Bedouin. Benefit from local Bedouin dive master’s unique knowledge of the Dahab marine environment and help us encourage more diving with locals.

Another positive initiative will be linked to keeping Dahab clean with recycling art and the introduction of Dahab’s very first, non pollutant plastic recycler! No, we are not just saying this to impress you! All residents and visitors, you can start putting your hard plastic aside for re-cycling…find out more at the festival.

There will be a (surely fantastic) performance by Circ Bonboni at the Ibis Styles hotel, children’s activities with Kinderhouse Dahab (who we thank very much for making this year’s poster). We will also have our “waves of wellness”  tent with Dahab’s masseurs, healers, yogis…

All week: Bedouin handicrafts, organic food market, medicinal Sinai plants, Bedouin history display, windsurfing with Bedouin, Recycling art, Bedouin food, children’s area and free tea!

Here is what we have scheduled so far, more to be updated. For more information on the activities, if you would like to participate or add anything to the festival, please e-mail us:

Saturday 12th

9h – Clean up dive.

16h – Dahab Clean Up

18h – Recycling art

19h – Bedouin dinner (free for the clean up team)

20h – live music and fire show

Sunday 13th

9h – Fun dive

9h – Day trip to Wadi Gnei Oasis with rock climbing and plant discovery

17h – Bellydance class

18h –  Bedouin dinner

19h – Movie: Prince Ahmed

Monday 14th

9h – Intro dive

9h – Day trip to Sinai’s organic farms

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

17h – Oriental Dance Workshop

18h – Protection Flags
18h – Bedouin dinner

Tuesday 15th

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

11h – Fun Dive: underwater Bedouin tent in ligthouse

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

15h – Sandboarding

17h – sunset workshop or meditation

18h – Full moon dinner

Wednesday 16th

9h – Intro Dive

9h – Canyons desert excursion

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

17h – Self healing workshop

18h – Bedouin dinner

20h – Oriental Dance show with Dahiba

Thursday 17th

9h – Fun dive

9h – Springtime desert excursion

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

17h – sunset workshop or meditation

18h – Desert dinner

Friday 18th

9h – Clean up dive

9h – Children’s activities

15h – Dahab Festival market

17h – Circ Bonboni show at Ibis Styles

20h – Live Music

Anything you would like to add to the program? Please let us know:









The Festival

We are happy to announce the dates for the Dahab Bedouin Festival, from the 12th to the 18th of April 2014.

This year we would like to see even more involvement from as many people as possible. As usual, our program is flexible and we will do our best to make everyone happy.

So, if you would like to perform, sell, work, sing, dance, relax, help or just be at the festival, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you there…


This is a NON-profit festival. If you want to make money, you are on the wrong site…

A big thank you!

Dahab bedouin festival banner

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in any way with the Dahab Bedouin Festival that ended on the 27th of April. You are many, so please forgive us if we have left anyone out, please let us know if this is the case so we can make sure that everyone is mentioned.

Firstly, we would like to thank our main sponsor, Nirvana hotel, restaurant and dive center. You believed in us and our vision of Dahab and eco-tourism, you also knew the importance of supporting any project promoting Bedouin. Thank you very much for also organising the diving events, a great dinner and party and winning the Raft Race by a long run…having been the only center to have actually showed up! Champions beyond any doubt!

Thank you to Ghazala Hotel for being the first to sponsor the festival and to Nura’s Tsige and Katrin Bialas for sponsorship and helping in organising some of the events.

Thank you to all businesses and people who supported us, Salem of Sinai Bedouin Safari, Pegassus Emirates, Bedouina Tours, Dahab Net and Golden Star. Thank you to Club Red and Omar Nagati for being so helpful and patient.

Thank you to Daniela Hotel for massive support and organising the football tournament for local children on Sinai Liberation day.

Thank you to Ahmed and Bamboo Home Furniture for helping out for the 3rd year in a row and decorating the festival site, the kids all loved the swing. Thank you Ralph’s Bakery for providing brunch to the organisers and workers at the festival, this was very very appreciated. And tasty.

Thank you to Sindbad and Marine Garden for sending your guests to the festival and lending us some equipment. Thank you to Mohamed Suliman for also helping during the Bedouin Law discussion.

Thank you to Chilax Hands of Dahab Market and Sheikh Salem House Community Market for taking part in the final day market. Thank you to Nicole, Ly, Dahiba, Barbara and many others for attending 500 meetings before this festival, just for the good of Dahab. Thank you Esther for your support and patience.

Thank you to the Artists of Dahab, Anja, Barbara, Yvon and Ursula for expressing your talent at the festival. (Please tell us who the others are) Thank you Noah for coming everyday to paint and do artwork with kids.

Thank you Iris, Annette, Elisabeth, Maggie, Mille, Vera, Paola and all who were involved in the readings, the Open Reiki Share Group and massage tasters. Please also send me the names that need to be added to this list. It was so nice and easy to collaborate with you, like a flowing river…

Thank you to Alfie and Isabella the clowns from Austria, please come back!

Thank you to the Kinderhouse, Elke, Miriam, Sonja, Ursula, Noura, Hamida, Aisha and Manal for a 3rd year of support and help with the childen’s activities.

Thank you to Habiba and Nadim for your support as usual.

Thank you to Regula and Circ Bonboni for the great demonstration in Ibis Styles Hotel, for the children’s activities and the memorable flashmob which is still ringing in many ears.

Thank you Gary for the poster and Libby for the initial programme formatting.

Thank you to Dahab Charta for helping in the clean up.

Thank you to Atewi and Mohamed from St Katherine’s with the Bedouin Handicrafts and staying a whole week at the festival.

Thank you to Ahmed Saleh, Selime and Mohamed Abu Eid for coming down from St Katherine’s and contributing to the programme.

Thank you to the musicians and soundmen, Adel, Boris, Fred, Salaam, Faraaj, Eid Abu Awda, Adham and all the others who participated. Thank you to Abd Allah and Saber for helping with the generator.

Thank you to Gamal the electrician for helping throughout the week. Thank you to the Dahab City Council for helping any way they could, thank you to Said Abdel Sadek the mayor for his support. Thank you also the the chief of security of South Sinai and the Governor of South Sinai for insisting on visiting the festival and your support.

Thank you to Gomaa Abu Sueri and 3 Islands Cafe for organising the eclipse party at the lagoona.

Thank you to Alia Om Sina for helping out and performing with such enthusiasm.

Thank you Marsha for an inspired and inflamed fire show…WOW!

Thank you to Hamed for guiding the trips for some very happy guests.

Thank you to Ahmed Bashbishi, Khaled Faraaj, Mohamed, Faraj, Abdel Rahman, Abdallah, Mohamed, Abd El Rady and all those who helped set up, pull down and serve during the festival.

A very big thank you to the Abu Awda Safari, Sabaah and Eid for taking part in the organisation of the festival for the 3rd year.

A very big thank you to Mundi of Nomad Safari for helping organise the festival despite not feeling too well. Thank you to Michelle too…

Thank you to Mohamed Abu Musa of Space Camp for being a pillar of the festival for 3 years now, always 100% reliable.

Thank you to Mourad for incredible support and time given to this festival. Thank you for the great pics and footage.

Thank you to Maruan of Sinai Safari for making it all happen.

Thank you to all those who came to the festival and those who gave us the thumbs up and thanks. We would have difficulty expressing our appreciation.

A very special thank you to the general manager, our guide and hero, Salah Abu Musa of Sinai Safari. When everyone was ready to give up out of exhaustion and pessimism, you showed us how to be brave and work hard with a “white heart”. You deserve the most credit for this festival, the rest of the organisers bow down to you.

Thank you to the universal force of life which made wonders and smoothened the path. Al Hamd l’Allah!

Last, but not least, thank you to Ruby. You are our greatest gift. We met you in the strangest of circumstances, you were knocked down by a camel during the race…but you became our biggest supporter. We should also thank the camel for bringing you closer to us, this is priceless.

There are only a few dozens of “thank you”s in this post, although we feel there should be thousands. We know that there some people who have been forgotten out of human brain limitation, not lack of appreciation, please remind us…

Here are a few pics, please click on to our flickr site for a bigger collection.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL, we look forward to our next event in sha Allah,

The Dahab Bedouin Festival Team

Alia and the children on the swing

Alia and the children on the swing

Karate Kids

Karate Kids

Fire coming out of her eyes

Fire coming out of her eyes

A beautiful gathering of people

A beautiful gathering of people

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Live Bedouin Music

Live Bedouin Music

Space 7 - Bright side of the moon...

Space 7 – Bright side of the moon…

Salah: Everything is gonna be alright! Welcome and see you soon!

Salah: Everything is gonna be alright! Welcome and see you soon!



The 3rd Dahab Bedouin Festival


Al Salaam Aleikum,

We are happy to announce the dates for the 3rd Dahab Bedouin Festival, from the 21st to the 27th of April 2013. Once again we are inviting everyone to join us in promoting Bedouin culture and eco-tourism. This year we will be paying particular attention to the environment by organising daily clean ups before gathering to celebrate in the festival area on Dahab’s flood plain.

The final programme will soon be published, in the meantime if you would like to know how you can join, help or sponsor the Dahab Bedouin Festival, or for any information, please e-mail us:


Welcome to the Dahab Bedouin Festival

Learn about Bedouin History and culture, find out about the Sinai desert’s medicinal plants, explore canyons carved by time, listen to the silence of the desert, observe the moon and planets through a telescope, witness a camel race, taste bread baked in the sand, enjoy a sweet Bedouin tea or simply come and relax at the Dahab Bedouin Festival taking place this year between the 1st and 7th of April.


Poster for the very first edition of the Dahab Bedouin Festival in 2011 taking place at the same time as the Dahab Festival in May. Poster by Karen Selby



The common event of both festivals was the camel race in the Laguna.

camel race bedu festivalö 040

The second Dahab Bedouin Festival started on April 1st 2012. Poster by Karen Selby

Dahab Bedouin Festival Poster

One week later, the Dahab Bedouin Festival team joined and helped organise the Dahab Festival from 14th to 20th of April


The Dahab Bedouin Festival of 2013 combined both festivals into one for the first time. Poster by Gary Mallard

dahab festival poster_final

2014 saw three floods go through Dahab’s flood plain and the festival was moved 300m south. Poster by Children’s House Dahab and Dahab Artists

anja poster

For the upcoming festival we have asked Habiba after school learning center to design a poster. For more information about their project or any other of Habiba Organic Farm’s projects please click here.


Wednesday 16th of April

The program will be updated soon. Here is what is confirmed so far:

Diving with Bedouin

9.00 – Intro Dive. Make your introduction to diving with a local Bedouin guide

Canyon desert excursion

9.00 – Discover some incredible rock formations, the silence of the desert and beautiful people in their environment: the Bedouin.

Waves of wellness

10.00 – 11.00 Restorative yoga workshop with Susan
14.00 – 16.30 Reiki group treatments with several Reiki practitioners (Iris, Annet, Maggi, Susan and others)
17.00 – 18.00 Self-healing workshop with Paola

18.30 – Bedouin dinner

19.30 – Oriental Dance Performance

21.00 – Live Music in Bedouin Lodge