Abu Awda Camp-Safari

The Abu Awda family are based in Dahab and Ras Abu Galloum. They have a fantastic camp in the Ras Abu Galloum national park, reputed for the excellent, honest and very fair priced service. They also run camel treks and simple camel rides throughout the year in and around Dahab. These are the best people to guide you in the complex mountains of Abu Galloum’s national park.

– Blue hole to Abu Galloum camels rides

– Lunch and/or overnight stays in Ras abu Galloum

– Bir Sogheir oasis

– Bir el Ogda oasis

– The canyon Dahab

Tel: 0106 7015 631 Eid Awda

Tel: 0100 268 3355 Sabbah Awda

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