Thank you so much!

A choatic camel race, a spectacular full moon, a beautiful gathering for the final night party, a cute baby camel, a standing ovation after Salah’s presentation on Bedouin history, many people from all over the world and all over Sinai coming and going…overall, a real festival feel and a week of community and cultural exchange.

Thank you so much to all those who helped to organise, participated, contributed or simply attended the Bedouin festival that took place last week. For us it was a very successful week for the simple reason that so many people came and left with positive feedback. This year’s festival was attended by many guests on holiday as well as  long term residents and also many Bedouin. Our most rewarding feedback has been from the Bedouin who came from the desert to see the festival and left saying thank you. Also a lesson to all people involved in tourism, that genuine hospitality in a hassle free environment is what travelers are looking for.

It was a crazy week, that is what festivals are about I suppose… Although we were more organised than last year, we still learned a lot of lessons and have a lot more to learn. But then again, even the biggest festivals in the world will have organisers who will look back and see where improvements can be made for the next edition. The Dahab Bedouin Festival group will be participating hand in hand with the Dahab Festival, we hope to see you there for more of a good time.

Here are a few pics of the Bedouin Festival, more to come…

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