Special Thanks

The Bedouin Festival organisers are very grateful to a great number of people. We are sorry if there is anyone we may have forgotten to mention, you can be sure that any help has been appreciated.

Thank you to Sheikh Ali Hotel for providing the tea and coffee that we could then offer for free.

Thank you Habiba Organic Farm for the generous contribution.

Thank you to Ly, Nadim and Ahmed Sherif for their generous contributions, as always, supporting the Bedouin.

Thank you to Kinderhouse Dahab and Nura’s Tsige for all the help with children’s activities, charity and promoting Bedouin.

Thank you to Golden Star hotel for support and allowing the film projection and meetings all year round.

Thank you to Youssef Al Khawaga for providing us with the tree branches that were used for decoration.

Thank you to Ayman, Yasser and Ahmed from Rush as well as Abdallah Abu Saleh for helping us out with speakers and equipment for the final night party.

Thank you to Ahmed Taha for providing drinking water and support.

Thank you Bernadette “Habiba” for helping us with the website.

Thank you to the musicians and camel riders for their time and special flavour they gave the festival.

Thank you to the city council for their support and attending the festival.

Thank you to the workers of Hemaya for bringing food for the camels and helping to keep the festival site clean.

Thank you to the members of Dahab’s community who gave their support.

Thank you to Ashraf Abu Seif, Ibrahim and Abu Mohamed for helping with prints and flyers.

Thank you Esther for permanent positive vibes and support.

Thank you Dahab Festival organisers and we look forward to our common festival in a couple of days.

Thank you Mourad for the movies and documentaries.

Thank you Adham for helping out during the festival and banging on the drums.

Thank you to Karen Selby for the amazing artwork for the festival.

Thank you to the artists and photographers who exposed their work at the festival: Graeme, Ursula, Salha and Karen.

Thank you to the camel riders, musicians, helpers, supporters…

Thank you to ever person who came to the festival, you are the heartbeat of the festival.

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