A big thank you!

Dahab bedouin festival banner

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in any way with the Dahab Bedouin Festival that ended on the 27th of April. You are many, so please forgive us if we have left anyone out, please let us know if this is the case so we can make sure that everyone is mentioned.

Firstly, we would like to thank our main sponsor, Nirvana hotel, restaurant and dive center. You believed in us and our vision of Dahab and eco-tourism, you also knew the importance of supporting any project promoting Bedouin. Thank you very much for also organising the diving events, a great dinner and party and winning the Raft Race by a long run…having been the only center to have actually showed up! Champions beyond any doubt!

Thank you to Ghazala Hotel for being the first to sponsor the festival and to Nura’s Tsige and Katrin Bialas for sponsorship and helping in organising some of the events.

Thank you to all businesses and people who supported us, Salem of Sinai Bedouin Safari, Pegassus Emirates, Bedouina Tours, Dahab Net and Golden Star. Thank you to Club Red and Omar Nagati for being so helpful and patient.

Thank you to Daniela Hotel for massive support and organising the football tournament for local children on Sinai Liberation day.

Thank you to Ahmed and Bamboo Home Furniture for helping out for the 3rd year in a row and decorating the festival site, the kids all loved the swing. Thank you Ralph’s Bakery for providing brunch to the organisers and workers at the festival, this was very very appreciated. And tasty.

Thank you to Sindbad and Marine Garden for sending your guests to the festival and lending us some equipment. Thank you to Mohamed Suliman for also helping during the Bedouin Law discussion.

Thank you to Chilax Hands of Dahab Market and Sheikh Salem House Community Market for taking part in the final day market. Thank you to Nicole, Ly, Dahiba, Barbara and many others for attending 500 meetings before this festival, just for the good of Dahab. Thank you Esther for your support and patience.

Thank you to the Artists of Dahab, Anja, Barbara, Yvon and Ursula for expressing your talent at the festival. (Please tell us who the others are) Thank you Noah for coming everyday to paint and do artwork with kids.

Thank you Iris, Annette, Elisabeth, Maggie, Mille, Vera, Paola and all who were involved in the readings, the Open Reiki Share Group and massage tasters. Please also send me the names that need to be added to this list. It was so nice and easy to collaborate with you, like a flowing river…

Thank you to Alfie and Isabella the clowns from Austria, please come back!

Thank you to the Kinderhouse, Elke, Miriam, Sonja, Ursula, Noura, Hamida, Aisha and Manal for a 3rd year of support and help with the childen’s activities.

Thank you to Habiba and Nadim for your support as usual.

Thank you to Regula and Circ Bonboni for the great demonstration in Ibis Styles Hotel, for the children’s activities and the memorable flashmob which is still ringing in many ears.

Thank you Gary for the poster and Libby for the initial programme formatting.

Thank you to Dahab Charta for helping in the clean up.

Thank you to Atewi and Mohamed from St Katherine’s with the Bedouin Handicrafts and staying a whole week at the festival.

Thank you to Ahmed Saleh, Selime and Mohamed Abu Eid for coming down from St Katherine’s and contributing to the programme.

Thank you to the musicians and soundmen, Adel, Boris, Fred, Salaam, Faraaj, Eid Abu Awda, Adham and all the others who participated. Thank you to Abd Allah and Saber for helping with the generator.

Thank you to Gamal the electrician for helping throughout the week. Thank you to the Dahab City Council for helping any way they could, thank you to Said Abdel Sadek the mayor for his support. Thank you also the the chief of security of South Sinai and the Governor of South Sinai for insisting on visiting the festival and your support.

Thank you to Gomaa Abu Sueri and 3 Islands Cafe for organising the eclipse party at the lagoona.

Thank you to Alia Om Sina for helping out and performing with such enthusiasm.

Thank you Marsha for an inspired and inflamed fire show…WOW!

Thank you to Hamed for guiding the trips for some very happy guests.

Thank you to Ahmed Bashbishi, Khaled Faraaj, Mohamed, Faraj, Abdel Rahman, Abdallah, Mohamed, Abd El Rady and all those who helped set up, pull down and serve during the festival.

A very big thank you to the Abu Awda Safari, Sabaah and Eid for taking part in the organisation of the festival for the 3rd year.

A very big thank you to Mundi of Nomad Safari for helping organise the festival despite not feeling too well. Thank you to Michelle too…

Thank you to Mohamed Abu Musa of Space Camp for being a pillar of the festival for 3 years now, always 100% reliable.

Thank you to Mourad for incredible support and time given to this festival. Thank you for the great pics and footage.

Thank you to Maruan of Sinai Safari for making it all happen.

Thank you to all those who came to the festival and those who gave us the thumbs up and thanks. We would have difficulty expressing our appreciation.

A very special thank you to the general manager, our guide and hero, Salah Abu Musa of Sinai Safari. When everyone was ready to give up out of exhaustion and pessimism, you showed us how to be brave and work hard with a “white heart”. You deserve the most credit for this festival, the rest of the organisers bow down to you.

Thank you to the universal force of life which made wonders and smoothened the path. Al Hamd l’Allah!

Last, but not least, thank you to Ruby. You are our greatest gift. We met you in the strangest of circumstances, you were knocked down by a camel during the race…but you became our biggest supporter. We should also thank the camel for bringing you closer to us, this is priceless.

There are only a few dozens of “thank you”s in this post, although we feel there should be thousands. We know that there some people who have been forgotten out of human brain limitation, not lack of appreciation, please remind us…

Here are a few pics, please click on to our flickr site for a bigger collection.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL, we look forward to our next event in sha Allah,

The Dahab Bedouin Festival Team

Alia and the children on the swing

Alia and the children on the swing

Karate Kids

Karate Kids

Fire coming out of her eyes

Fire coming out of her eyes

A beautiful gathering of people

A beautiful gathering of people

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Live Bedouin Music

Live Bedouin Music

Space 7 - Bright side of the moon...

Space 7 – Bright side of the moon…

Salah: Everything is gonna be alright! Welcome and see you soon!

Salah: Everything is gonna be alright! Welcome and see you soon!



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