Al Salam Aleikum

Dear Dahabians and Dahab lovers,
we are happy to confirm some additional events for the Dahab Bedouin Festival starting on the 12th of April and ending on the 18th. Like last year’s festival which took place from the 21st to the 28th of April, the Dahab Bedouin Festival will be integrating all communities of Dahab, Bedouin, Egyptians from outside of Sinai and foreigners. Circ Bonboni will be doing an open air performance in the Ibis Styles Hotel on friday the 18th at 17h. There will also be a workshop by Habiba Organic Farm promoting organic farming and agro-tourism.
We are also repeating the community market, the reiki/massage/healing tent, live Bedouin music, music jams, children’s activities, water sports, desert adventure and much more.
The rest of the program will be very similar to the previous years and we are still welcoming any ideas, participation or contributions. Some events will be put up onto the official program soon, however there will be open spaces at the site that be used at any time, for late participants as well.
Another very positive information is that the festival will have the support of Dahab’s Rowad Dahab NGO which has similar  objectives of sustainable tourism and beneficial projects for Dahab.
The festival is open to everyone, we have some simple guidelines that we stick to:
– this is a non profit festival. This means that the festival itself cannot make a profit, however participants will have the choice of offering their project for free or for a fee. Participants have the right to make a profit.
– all projects, events or workshops must not have any short or long term negative impact on the natural, social or cultural environment.
So if you love Dahab, if you would like to give some love to Dahab and if you can, we welcome you again to contact us on or come and meet us at Sheikh Salem House in the arisha on the beach between 15h and 18h on wednesday the 19th of February.
Best regards to all,

the Dahab Bedouin Festival team.

Live Bedouin Music

Alia and the children on the swing

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