The Wadi Zelega Camel Race

This is not a race organised or set up for tourists, it’s the real deal! Everyone is welcome, and this is what it is all about…

Firstly, and to many most importantly, you drive deep into the desert across endless amazing landscapes…

on the way to zelegael elweP1050712

In the company of the lovely people of South Sinai…


Then, setting up camp and enjoying being REALLY away from it all…under the stars or lit up by the moon…


Early in the morning, the race starts: 25 km of camels and cars racing for glory. The Muzeina tribe vs the Tarabeen tribe, may the best camel win!




Weather conditions: freezing!

Driving conditions: extreme!

Camping conditions: comfortable, rain proof, freeze proof…if you are going with us…

Would you like to join? Please book by 23h00 on wednesday the 7th at the latest as places are limited.

tel: (002) 0100 528 9582.





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