Camel Race

We welcome you all to come and ride a camel and then follow the camel race that will take place on friday the 6th at 17h by the festival area, in the flood plain on the other side of the road by the bridge in Masbat, Dahab.

Camel races are one of the favourite events of Bedouin. It is also an opportunity to see how fast these animals can really go!


Festival Poster

Thank you very much to Karen Selby for another beautiful poster for our second Bedouin Festival.  Karen had already designed the poster for last year and has kindly contributed her work to our festival again this year. She will be amongst the artists displaying their work at the exhibition on Monday the 2nd of April at 16.00. We greatly recommend Karen for any poster/logo/flyer work as she is extremely talented and professional.


A non-profit festival

The Dahab Bedouin Festival is a non-profit event. Throughout the week from 1st to 7th of April, all earnings from the festival go towards ecological awareness programmes. Promoting Bedouin culture and Bedouin in the tourism industry is the initial objective of the festival. Our second objective is preserving the natural environment. Since the 1st Bedouin festival that took place in May 2011, the main original organisers have been holding monthly events during the full moon in order to raise some funds that go towards cleaning up Dahab. We will persist until we have reached are very easy yet hard to achieve target: to keep Dahab clean.

We hope to create an contagious eco-trend and make South Sinai the cleanest governorate of Egypt. In order to succeed, we need visitors, volunteers and support. Contrary to the traditions of business, the organisers are putting competition aside and uniting for the benfit of South Sinai.

The festival site, in the flood plain in Dahab, will be a welcoming area where tea is served for free and you may stay as long as you wish with no obligation to spend or consume. You will receive genuine hospitality as it has always been provided by the Bedouin. The area will be a hassle free zone with many interesting things to discover, delicious food, chill out areas, a market open all week and a vibe that we can’t describe…

Welcome to all,

The organisers.


Will you be in Dahab or anywhere else in south Sinai between the 1st and the 7th of April 2012? If so, you CANNOT miss the Dahab Bedouin Festival!! Check out the Programme. A great opportunity to find out more about the Bedouin, traditional and welcoming people who have been hosting travellers for more than 1200 years. Today, in 2012, we aim to put them back where they belong: hosting tourists in South Sinai!

Come and discover a hassle free, no stress, genuine hospitality in the flood plain by the bridge in Dahab. Everyone is welcome at all times with free tea served throughout the day and night.