Space Camp


Space Camp is located only 10 minutes away from the center of Dahab. It is the perfect location to come and enjoy a delicious freshly prepared Bedouin dinner and admire the stars or moon. There are a couple of huts, tent and sleeping areas where our guests can experience sleeping out in the desert. An ideal location for a celebration, a tasty meal or simply enjoying the wonders of the desert.

Contact: Mohamed Musa (002) 0100 260 5535



Abu Awda Camp Ras Abu Galloum


Welcome to Ras Abu Galloum National Parc. The Abu Awda family have been accomodating guests in this beautiful location for over 15 years. Situated in the northern side of Al D’Heila, the southern section of the parc, right in front of the famous dive and snorkelling site. Small huts line the beach where you can relax in the shade or take cover from the wind. Fresh meals prepared for breakfast lunch and dinner, with Bedouin tea served all day.

If you would like to experience a relaxing and back to the basics holiday, we invite you to stay at the Abu Awda Camp where you can also book a camel safari into the mountains or along the coast from 1 to 7 days.

Contact: Sabbah Awda 0100 268 3355