It’s Circus time…

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Dahab, a small town on the Gulf of Aqaba, a diving heaven, a traveler’s haven, awesome moutains, beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, lovely people and…Circ Bonboni!

What a blessing it is for this town to have such a vibrant, positive and uniting project putting so many smiles on so many faces. So much energy and hard work has been put in over the years and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved, with a very special thank you to Regula (“the incredible”), for what you are doing for Dahab and its community.

So Dahabians, residents and visitors, be sure not to miss the amazing Circ Bonboni’s latest performance: The Golden Puzzle, Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of December in Ibis Styles Hotel. For more info, please click on the logo

circ bonboni logo




Poster for the very first edition of the Dahab Bedouin Festival in 2011 taking place at the same time as the Dahab Festival in May. Poster by Karen Selby



The common event of both festivals was the camel race in the Laguna.

camel race bedu festivalö 040

The second Dahab Bedouin Festival started on April 1st 2012. Poster by Karen Selby

Dahab Bedouin Festival Poster

One week later, the Dahab Bedouin Festival team joined and helped organise the Dahab Festival from 14th to 20th of April


The Dahab Bedouin Festival of 2013 combined both festivals into one for the first time. Poster by Gary Mallard

dahab festival poster_final

2014 saw three floods go through Dahab’s flood plain and the festival was moved 300m south. Poster by Children’s House Dahab and Dahab Artists

anja poster

For the upcoming festival we have asked Habiba after school learning center to design a poster. For more information about their project or any other of Habiba Organic Farm’s projects please click here. For more information about Dahab’s festival, or any general information please e-mail us: