Positive Dahab

anja posterIt is soon time get together for this year’s festival. Firstly we must announce that the festival will not be taking place in the usual location by the flood plain. Unfortunately the flood has come late this year (march 9th) and made it either logistically too difficult or costly to set up the festival there. However we are lucky to have an excellent plan B: at the entrance and exit of Mashraba on the road of Sheikh Ali Resort. Our disappointment with having to change location is very slight given that the cause is such a blessing to Sinai and the Bedouin way of life: rain.

We are therefore very happy to be organising some very interesting excursions to see the desert in springtime, Wadi Gnei after the rain and to introduce another theme to the festival: Agro-tourism.

Agro-tourism is going to be promoted during the festival to show another side of Sinai. We will be visiting Habiba organic farm, plantations in Wadi Gheib, eating organic vegetables and chicken…all locally produced…all week! There will also be organic and healthy foods for sale all week at the festival where you will find some products of truly exceptional quality.

For the first time in our festival: Diving with Bedouin. Benefit from local Bedouin dive master’s unique knowledge of the Dahab marine environment and help us encourage more diving with locals.

Another positive initiative will be linked to keeping Dahab clean with recycling art and the introduction of Dahab’s very first, non pollutant plastic recycler! No, we are not just saying this to impress you! All residents and visitors, you can start putting your hard plastic aside for re-cycling…find out more at the festival.

There will be a (surely fantastic) performance by Circ Bonboni at the Ibis Styles hotel, children’s activities with Kinderhouse Dahab (who we thank very much for making this year’s poster). We will also have our “waves of wellness”  tent with Dahab’s masseurs, healers, yogis…

All week: Bedouin handicrafts, organic food market, medicinal Sinai plants, Bedouin history display, windsurfing with Bedouin, Recycling art, Bedouin food, children’s area and free tea!

Here is what we have scheduled so far, more to be updated. For more information on the activities, if you would like to participate or add anything to the festival, please e-mail us: bedouinfestival@gmail.com

Saturday 12th

9h – Clean up dive.

16h – Dahab Clean Up

18h – Recycling art

19h – Bedouin dinner (free for the clean up team)

20h – live music and fire show

Sunday 13th

9h – Fun dive

9h – Day trip to Wadi Gnei Oasis with rock climbing and plant discovery

17h – Bellydance class

18h –  Bedouin dinner

19h – Movie: Prince Ahmed

Monday 14th

9h – Intro dive

9h – Day trip to Sinai’s organic farms

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

17h – Oriental Dance Workshop

18h – Protection Flags
18h – Bedouin dinner

Tuesday 15th

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

11h – Fun Dive: underwater Bedouin tent in ligthouse

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

15h – Sandboarding

17h – sunset workshop or meditation

18h – Full moon dinner

Wednesday 16th

9h – Intro Dive

9h – Canyons desert excursion

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

17h – Self healing workshop

18h – Bedouin dinner

20h – Oriental Dance show with Dahiba

Thursday 17th

9h – Fun dive

9h – Springtime desert excursion

10h-11h –  Waves of wellness morning workshop

14h–16h30 –  Taster massages, treatments or readings

17h – sunset workshop or meditation

18h – Desert dinner

Friday 18th

9h – Clean up dive

9h – Children’s activities

15h – Dahab Festival market

17h – Circ Bonboni show at Ibis Styles

20h – Live Music

Anything you would like to add to the program? Please let us know: bedouinfestival@gmail.com